Company History

The KGM Group has always focused on things that matter. Starting from our inception in the 1930s, we have built our core businesses around the essentials of human existence - food, clothing and shelter.

The KGM story began in 1938 and established several garment manufacturing units. After a period of successful consolidation, he diversified into the food sector in the early ‘40s and set up a chain of restaurants.

KGM expanded its operations into India in 1975. Under the stewardship of Dr. Shashi, the Group progressively ventured into real estate, construction and property development across Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The company also entered the hospitality sector, establishing and running successful hotel and restaurants for over the next 30 years.

In the late ‘80s the Group diversified into garment manufacturing in India and set up an export unit for leather garments and finished leather products. The garment line has grown over the years, entering into exclusive tie ups with apparel companies across Europe.

Alongside, our realty services have grown into a range of offerings in line with emerging customer preferences. In recent years KGM has primarily focused on residential and commercial real estate projects; commercial complexes, apartments, villas, row houses, layout development and gated communities.